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Month: June 2017

Falling For the Best Man is Here!

Falling For the Best Man is Here!

Falling For the Best Man is a M/M romance, set in the shared world of Camp Firefly Falls, a summer camp for adults.

It can be read as a stand-alone love story, but it also works as a sequel to NYC Fixers trilogy. Charlie, one of the main characters, previously made an appearance in In the Spotlight (the story is available in Some Like It Geek box-set for 99c for only few more days!). Kevin, the other main character, is an IT specialist working for the fixers, and he showed up in all their books. And the wedding couple? It’s Sylvia & Greg from In the Spotlight!

LINKS: In the Spotlight  || Falling For the Best Man
(They both can be read as stand-alones. There are no cliffhangers.)


Opposites attract… but are they really all that different?

Charlie Amis is having the time of his life. He’s at Camp Firefly Falls for his best friend’s wedding, but there’s also a week of easy, unfiltered fun beforehand. Improv after breakfast, Broadway trivia after lunch, show tunes at the campfire… What more could he want? Apparently, the answer is: Tall, Dark, and Handsome who makes a fish-out-of-water impression look sexy as hell.

Kevin Randall shouldn’t be surprised the camp turns into a theater geek heaven, not with so many actors around and the bride’s Broadway obsession. He’s definitely out of his depth, so he’s planning to hide in the cabin—or wherever the wi-fi connection actually works—but Charlie’s dimpled smile is enough to drag Kevin away from his laptop again and again.

Among the crazy wedding preparations and to the tune of Broadway’s greatest hits, the two men fall head-first into a kind of summer romance they could only dream of as kids. But as they become each other’s plus one for the wedding, can they also become something more?

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