Valentine’s Day Promo!

Valentine’s Day Promo!

BY YOUR RULES is taking part in a Valentine’s Day Promo where a bunch of authors share their books for a special price!

Here’s the list:

  • E. Jones – The Secret Affair ($0.99)

Genre: Contemporary Romance


  • Ally Decker – By Your Rules (NYC Fixers Book 1) ($0.99)

Genre: Contemporary Romance


  • Marianne Sciucco – Blue Hydrangeoas, an Alzheimer’s love story ($0.99)

Genre: Contemporary Romance


  • Celeste Wells – The Touch of a Navy Seal ($0.99)

Genre: Military Romance


  • L. Miller – Off The Playbook ($0.99)

Genre: Sports Romance


  • Marilyn Vix

Genre: Time Travel Romance

Everything For Love: Time Rogues Book 1 ($3.99)

Genre: Erotic Romantic Novella

Thankful In Vegas ($0.99)


  • Holly Dodd – Giving It Up ($0.99)

Genre: New Adult Erotic Romance


  • Elena Bryce

Genre: Time Travel Romance

Guardian of the Grail (Immortal Blood Book 1) ($0.99)

Guardian of the Spear (Immortal Blood Book 2) ($3.99)


  • Laura Greenwood – The Dryad’s Pawprint (Paranormal Council Book 1) ($0.99)

Genre: Paranormal Romance


  • Lisa Maliga – Macrons of Love (The Yolanda’s Yummery Series Book 4) ($0.99)

Genre: Cozy Mystery Romance


  • Mari Oliver – Kiss Me Again ($0.99)

Genre: Historical Romance (20th Century)


  • Grace Risata – Ungranted Wishes ($0.99)

Genre: Erotic Paranormal Comedy Romance


  • Julianne Q. Johnson – Descending ($0.99)

Genre: Romance Action/Adventure


  • Paige Hammonds – You’re Mine, Valentine ($0.99)

Genre: Parnormal Wolf Shifter Romance


  • Jesse G. Talbot – The Kid’s Table ($0.99)

Genre: Sweet YA Holiday Romance

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