New York City Fixers

New York City Fixers


All the books can be read as stand-alones. There are no cliffhangers.
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Pretending to date a movie star definitely wasn’t on Sylvia Urban’s agenda but a girl has to do what a girl has to do. And after a paparazzo catches them in rather uncompromising position, this is exactly what this girl has to do.

Greg Abrams really needs everything to go right if he wants his new project to get green-lighted, but when the cute Broadway geek almost literally falls into his life, things get complicated really fast.

As the pair grows closer, the ‘pretend’ part of pretend dating gets thrown out of the window, but after they started off as a lie, it’s hard to know what’s real and what’s not.

And the clock is ticking.


*The story was previously available in Some Like It Geek box-set.

IN THE SPOTLIGHT is available HERE on Amazon.




She hates the public eye.

Claire Dowson is focused on her career as an NYPD detective and avoids media attention. She gets enough slack at work for being the mayor’s daughter, she doesn’t need anything more. But when her father announces his Senate run, her mother asks for one meeting with the fixers team, and Claire, against her better judgment, gives in.

He’s not ready to watch her leave.

Nate Urban is a fixer for the New York’s rich and powerful, and after years in the business, he’s a hard man to surprise. But when the client’s daughter comes into the office for consultation on what was supposed to be an easy case, he’s thrown completely off balance. The last thing on his mind is his job.

The mutual attraction makes the risk seem worth taking, but they’re not the only players in this game.

BY YOUR RULES, the first book in the trilogy, is available HERE on Amazon.




She’s in love with her boss.

Alicia Cordero should’ve known better than to fall for her employer, but it was too late to be smarter about this. She was in too deep. She might wish things were different, but she accepted her fate. She could settle for a friendship. She could.

He has never let himself see her as anything else than an employee and a friend.

Shawn Foster’s life had been more than good, lately. The company he ran with his two best friends kept him busy, and his social life entertained. But then an old friend called him out of the blue, and he got dragged into a nasty public divorce he had nothing to do with.

When the circumstances bring Alicia and Shawn closer, it will be up to them to decide where they stand.

BY YOUR SIDE is available HERE on Amazon.




She’s never forgotten him.

Marissa Ratner was used to fighting for her clients, but when the case involving her family got assigned to the biggest settlement-chaser in her firm, she knew she would have to get creative to see justice done. Even if “creative” meant hiring her ex-boyfriend.

He’s never stopped loving her.

Dean Young told himself—and anyone who asked—time and time again that he was over Marissa, but as soon as she walked back into his life, his certainty started to crumble. Then she asked him to help her family, and there was no way he was going to say no.

Neither of them expects to get a second chance—but it may be what they both need the most.

BY YOUR HEART is available HERE on Amazon





This book is a M/M romance, set in the shared world of Camp Firefly Falls. If you want to see how Greg’s best friend and F.Y.U.’s resident computer genius fall in love during a week-long wedding party, this story is for you!


Opposites attract… but are they really all that different?

Charlie Amis is having the time of his life. He’s at Camp Firefly Falls for his best friend’s wedding, but there’s also a week of easy, unfiltered fun beforehand. Improv after breakfast, Broadway trivia after lunch, show tunes at the campfire… What more could he want? Apparently, the answer is: Tall, Dark, and Handsome who makes a fish-out-of-water impression look sexy as hell.

Kevin Randall shouldn’t be surprised the camp turns into a theater geek heaven, not with so many actors around and the bride’s Broadway obsession. He’s definitely out of his depth, so he’s planning to hide in the cabin—or wherever the wi-fi connection actually works—but Charlie’s dimpled smile is enough to drag Kevin away from his laptop again and again.

Among the crazy wedding preparations and to the tune of Broadway’s greatest hits, the two men fall head-first into a kind of summer romance they could only dream of as kids. But as they become each other’s plus one for the wedding, can they also become something more?

FALLING FOR THE BEST MAN is available HERE on Amazon.


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