If you want more…

If you want more…

Currently, I have two books in a world of Camp Firefly Falls which I share with a bunch of great authors. First book, Falling For The Best Man, is a sequel of sorts to NYC Fixers trilogy. The second, Sleeping With The Movie Star, is in turn a sequel to that sequel, but much further removed from the trilogy. 😉 You don’t have to read Fixers to enjoy these stories, but in my mind, all my books exist in the same universe, so sometimes a character from one book can show up in a different series.



Opposites attract… but are they really all that different?

Charlie Amis is having the time of his life. He’s at Camp Firefly Falls for his best friend’s wedding, but there’s also a week of easy, unfiltered fun beforehand. Improv after breakfast, Broadway trivia after lunch, show tunes at the campfire… What more could he want? Apparently, the answer is: Tall, Dark, and Handsome who makes a fish-out-of-water impression look sexy as hell.

Kevin Randall shouldn’t be surprised the camp turns into a theater geek heaven, not with so many actors around and the bride’s Broadway obsession. He’s definitely out of his depth, so he’s planning to hide in the cabin—or wherever the wi-fi connection actually works—but Charlie’s dimpled smile is enough to drag Kevin away from his laptop again and again.

Among the crazy wedding preparations and to the tune of Broadway’s greatest hits, the two men fall head-first into a kind of summer romance they could only dream of as kids. But as they become each other’s plus one for the wedding, can they also become something more?

Falling For the Best Man is available on Amazon and in Kindle Unlimited



Tara hooked up with an international movie star at her friend’s summer wedding last year and she spent the next twelve months in a weird, long-distance thing they never defined. Now, they are going for a week-long getaway to the summer camp and it’s the perfect time to set things right.

Or is it?

Tara arrives at the camp convinced it’s her last chance to spend some time with Jeremy before breaking things off for good and going back to the real life where women like her don’t get to keep a movie star in their bed—or their life.

Jeremy thinks going back to the place they’d met is a perfect opportunity to finally talk about their relationship. He wants them to be together for real, he just hopes he can convince Tara it’s worth the trouble.

But with Jeremy’s fame and Tara’s worries about the future, can they build something more than an exciting summer fling?

Sleeping With The Movie Star is available on Amazon and in Kindle Unlimited


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