What are your books about?

The shortest version: people falling in love in New York City.

As the shortest versions tend to do, it lacks details (all those people are from different paths in life, different parts of NYC, different… you get the point) or omits exceptions (like my two Camp Firefly Falls stories). It gets right to the point, though: People, love, and New York City.


Why do you have so many series?

It’s fun! I love creating series, they are their own little worlds inside the bigger world of my stories as a whole. In my mind, every book exists in the same universe as the rest. A person you meet in the background of one series may become the main character of a book in a different series. People you’ve already read about may show up later on in another story.


Will X get her/his/their own book?

Possibly. I don’t want to promise anything, though. I have ideas for books I won’t write until *checks the list* 2020 and beyond, but a lot of things may change before that.
But to give you something, at least: both Carlos and Dante should get their books some time in the future! (If you haven’t met these two, you should check out By Your Side)


When will you get to the bad boys? I want my anti-heroes!

If that’s the case, you should probably look somewhere else! I love good guys (and gals!). They are what drives me to the keyboard. I don’t care for alphaholes and I don’t intend to write them. (That’s a perfect place for #sorrynotsorry hashtag, isn’t it? Yes, it is.)


Do you dream-cast your characters (i.e. choose real actors you’d like to play the characters)?

Sometimes, but not always. I have a funny story about it, though:
Last October, right before NaNoWriMo started, I decided to dream-cast Chris Evans as Noah, an uncle who is raising his nephew (Noah is the hero of the first book in NYC Lawyers series).
The next day, the trailer for Gifted premiered. 😉

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